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Found 1 result

  1. Convert ex4 t mq4

    i went this ea to remove licence and copyright and deleting validity & works on any account PWR nasdaq _ ATM 1.0 JHON VERSION stoploss 1.0 .ex4 set file PWR nasdaq _ ATM 1.0 JHON VERSION stoploss 1.0 inputs: LOTSIZE=0.01; Trail_PIPS=3; Trail_Step=3; Trail_Above=27; SL_PIPS=35; MIN_RANGE=5; MAX_RANGE=10; TRADE_GAP=20; MaxOpenTrades=3; MaxLongTrades=2; MaxShortTrades=2; PATTERN1=1; PATTERN2=1; PATTERN3=1; PATTERN4=1; MagicNumber=28072020; Audible_Alerts=1; Resistance_Style=0; Resistance_Width=1; Support_Style=0; Support_Width=1;