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  2. Yeah ..... You can reach me via WhatsApp here
  3. MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

    Hello, looks good is it possible to contact you with another app besides telegram ?
  4. Hello, I have successfully decompiled it. See screenshot below. On how to pay and get the source code, reach me via telegram https://t.me/eF1_admin
  5. MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

    Hello, I would like to get the ex5 executable script decompiled into mq5 source code. The script is changing the time frame or template of all open charts in a loaded profile in MT5. It has no expiration date or license included. How much would I need to pay and how ? Rgds Jeff apply_template.ex5
  6. Found useful contents Here: https://files.mtcollectors.com/ iFx/3tbabw9g1fqiFx24/ iFx/njqeleuvuzmiFx23/ iFx/yp3tf3s6plkiFx22/ iFx/fw71kj5rx59iFx21/ iFx/4to3j3yw5jkiFx20/ iFx/vt5k5s2t8fgiFx19/ iFx/x9c75s1nkqciFx18/ iFx/bgozroojmi2iFx17/ iFx/4kjcjvlr3eoiFx16/ iFx/al2y4klaiw7iFx15/ iFx/r20os8orkwciFx14/ iFx/0i5gt5rij50iFx13/ iFx/n37usrz3ty2iFx12/ iFx/j709cbqwljaiFx11/ iFx/xsc1sl50a03iFx10/ iFx/qi7faeayuzkiFx09/ iFx/o0cgfprwwv6iFx08/ iFx/t3i5hdefay4iFx07/ iFx/be9wfuzd7gciFx06/ iFx/3ekls4ybuisiFx05/ iFx/b9phvk5m3axiFx04/ iFx/2u9bp9cqb0xiFx03/ iFx/de3kbx01fdliFx02
  7. Hello, i just wanted to know if your .zip file is legit or not before i pay for it, please reply asap, thanks! What it is (is it a mt4|mt5 indicator or Expert Advisor?) mt5 indicator maybe, it is a simple script that I made, it will only do alert How it works it just only do one times alert and does nothing It’s usefulness and indicate if it has limitations(expiry, license, etc.) it does not have any expiry, it's usefulness only for testing if someone can crack it or not What you want us to do. decompile it please, and send a screenshot with the random code I generated inside the ea. crackme.ex5 regards, liberato
  8. Hello! 1. What it is (is it a mt4|mt5 indicator or Expert Advisor?) MT5 Expert Advisor 2. How it works Auto Trading 3. It’s usefulness and indicate if it has limitations(expiry, license etc) Only a demo version from mql5.com 4. What you want us to do I would like to know if you can decompile it and limitations could be removed. Backtests are too good so there's a high chance it's only a scam ea. I want to check the source code to be sure but I don't wanna pay thousands for an inoperable robot. Thank you for the help! Swage EA.ex5
  9. MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

    Hello! 1. It's an MT5 EA. 2. Executes trades with SL & TP based on Ichimoku, ATR and SAR. 3. Limitation/License:10 activations. 4. I need it to get decompiled to be able to modify by adding the code checking HTF trend (by HMA for example) before trade execution. Waiting for confirmation of possibility, and a screenshot sample. Thanks, and best regards. IchimokuATrend5.ex5
  10. Pack contains ready garment templates for men/women/kids that can be used in CLO 3D>>import. Download available on request as we cannot post the link publickly.
  11. Cracked version of infinite warfare with working zombies. The cracked zombies are now working as those of the paid version of iw. download link
  12. CEH Lab builder Pack

    This pack consists of files you can use to create CEH lab plus PDF tutorials. Donation required to get the download link. CEH Lab builder Pack.rar Login to activate link
  13. ecodial advance calculation v4.8.rar

    ecostruxure power design
  14. Hi could u pls decompile a couple of this lines, before i make a donation.. would like to be able to run it live and in backtest. Would it work on Mt5 build 3320, 3300 What it is (is it a mt4|mt5 indicator or Expert Advisor?) MT5 EA 2. How it works Moving average with volume confirmation 3. It’s usefulness and indicate if it has limitations(expiry, license etc) Has expensive license limits 4. What you want us to do. Decompile MT5 EA All moving average type crossover with vol filter.ex5
  15. Direct download link for uPetrucci and Tim Henson Plugins cracked version. Works like a fully functional copy of the paid version . Click the link below to get a copy Download
  16. Nano-Trader-FX

    We already decompiled it using our decompiler, but you posted this as a guest, so you can not download attached files. Just sign-up and login or at least provide your email. Thanks.
  17. to convert first 10 line in mq4

    Version 1.0.0


    to convert first 10 line in mq4 Ultimate-5.ex4


  18. Old version of moded Display.Land app for android 10 and above used to scan people, locations and objects to real 3D Models. Works perfectly without country restrictions. Officially, the developer has discontinued the app since August 2020, so you cannot update it. Display.Land.apk (offline installation) Download use your phone to scan objects to 3D models
  19. Is there really a forex trading EA or a trading strategy that can be said to be a zero loss strategy/EA? Off course there is but it's not easy to find one. In this post we will be discussing and sharing profitable EAs and strategies.
  20. Hi, Guys! 1. What it is (is it a mt4|mt5 indicator or Expert Advisor?) -- mt5 Expert Advisor 2. How it works -- Auto Trading 3. It’s usefulness and indicate if it has limitations(expiry, license etc) -- Licence will expire soon 4. What you want us to do. -- Send me please first statements of MQ5 code to prove it works Thank you in advance! Please be specific, so we can work on your files without requesting further information from you. You can use any major language. We will ignore/delete your files if you upload them without writing description as instructed above. NB. If you are posting as a guest you may have to leave your email as we don't post some decompiled code publicly. For logged-in users we use private message(PM) to post replies. FileToDecode.ex5
  21. MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

    Hello, I came from the link you left for the decompiler from https://sharedlinks.shilidola.com, Can you please decompile the file I added before purchasing the decompiler. You only need to show me the first page. I look forward to hearing from you. if you want write me akkyell@gmail.com T-TR_Mehmet.ex4

    comprei mas nao consegui descompilar poderia descompilar para min? como te mando o arquivo? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S7i27HboUwUsfZ1Ng9Lz0MTqa42VQ9Gc/view?usp=sharing segue link dos dois robos.
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