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  3. ecodial advance calculation v4.8.rar

    good effort
  4. msimg32.dll usage

    The best discussion forum for msimg32.dll is fxdiscourse.site. Link: https://fxdiscourse.site/error-message-in-the-experts-tab-saying-global-initialization-failed/ fix and other discussions here
  5. Can you send me proof of work
  6. Hi admin, Could you please decompile this file for me It is a mt5 expert advisor it uses hedging logic to trade on the forex market It requires account approval from creator to use, im assuming its a licence Please decompile it EEFX_X45.ex5

    Last reply was almost 2 years ago. But are you still able to give me the bootloader code? Thanks. Model : MRD-LX2 IMEI1 : 869199044371482 IMEI2 : 869199044391498 SN : RBU6R19424012236 Product ID : 85280730 Country : Philippines
  8. 1) What it is (is it a mt4|mt5 indicator or Expert Advisor?) They are 2 MT5 expert adivisors 2) How it works These are bots that buy and sell 3) It’s usefulness and indicate if it has limitations(expiry, license etc) Tehy have a site validation to specific account(license), they have an expiring date 4) What you want us to do. Decompile files and provide their respective source code. Let me know a restrict place where I can share the files, other than this one.
  9. ex5 to mq5

    Version 1.0.0


    hi.. My name is pawan lahoti. I am from Bikaner,Rajasthan, india. I have four mt5 files, which I want to crack or decompile. My whats app number +917574864489 and contact number is +917574864489. I am ready to pay 50 usd to 70 usd for Each file. Please contact me as soon as possible.


  10. You can decompile Robô Fimathe.ex5 EA and remove all restrictions using https://sharedlinks.shilidola.com/product/ex5-mql5-ex4-mq5-converter-decompiler-software-bundle-zip/ With that software it is very easy to access the source code and modify it the way you want.
  11. Descompilador ex5 para mt5 Tirar licença e restrições tornando vitaliano. Robô Fimathe.ex5
  12. Decompile ex5 to mq5 For mt5

    This is perfect! It is exactly what I want. How do I get the mq5 code? Waiting for your response and ready to pay.
  13. Decompile ex5 to mq5 For mt5

    There you go with full source code
  14. Decompile ex5 to mq5 For mt5

    Hi, I want to decompile this ex5 expert which has account restriction to mql5. Please show me the screenshot, and how do I make payment? Sincerely, Welson YesYes.ex5
  15. Yeah ..... You can reach me via WhatsApp here
  16. MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

    Hello, looks good is it possible to contact you with another app besides telegram ?
  17. Hello, I have successfully decompiled it. See screenshot below. On how to pay and get the source code, reach me via telegram https://t.me/eF1_admin
  18. MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

    Hello, I would like to get the ex5 executable script decompiled into mq5 source code. The script is changing the time frame or template of all open charts in a loaded profile in MT5. It has no expiration date or license included. How much would I need to pay and how ? Rgds Jeff apply_template.ex5
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