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Found 1 result

  1. Nano-Trader-FX

    Nano-Trader-FX.rar are programs for MT4 platform. The Nano Trader Signal code tells you the best points to buy and sell for the given time frame and the given currency, stock, or cryptocurrency. Nano Trader Analyzer identifies the currencies' strength meter for the given time frames. The sensitivity adjustment for Nano Trader signal adjusts how sensitive the program is to price movements. Typically, the lower the sensitivity the greater the frequency of the buy and sell markers on the chart. This uses a currency strength meter along with other technical analysis indicators to determine these points. Nano Trader Analyzer determines the strength of currency pairs for a given time frame. The X and Y coordinates change the location of the chart. You can also change the currency pairs it tracks. Identified Limitations The limitations of the Trader Signal are as follows. The technical analysis indicators it uses are not adjustable. The sensitivity adjustments only go so far. The signals that appear would be more useful if there were arrows with price points on the candlestick chart indicating where to buy and sell, rather than floating dots that don't track the candlesticks well. The limitations of Nano Trader Analyzer is that it's only limited to tracking certain currency pairs. It's also a pain to move it around on the chart because it doesn't allow you to click and drag it or even resize it.