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This topic is solely dedicated to answering questions about international shipping from Chinese online shops. If you have purchased any item from Banggod.com, dx.com, gearbest.com, aliexpress.com, lightinthebox.com, dhgate.com, buyincoins.com etc you can post your tracking number here, and we will be able to tell you the current package status plus the expected day of arrival.


Different Statuses And Meaning:

In transit

Item has shipped from originating country and is en route to its destination.

Pick up

Item is out for delivery or arrived at local facility, you may schedule for delivery or pickup. Please be aware of the collection deadline.


Item was attempted for delivery but failed, this may due to several reasons. Please contact the carrier for clarification.

Item was delivered successfully to the addressee.
Under most circumstances, the delivered status indicates that the carrier has delivered this package successfully.


Item might undergo unusual shipping condition, this may due to several reasons, most likely item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc.

Item was in transportation period for a long time still has no delivered results.

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Number: RV920104755CN
Package status: In transit
Destination: country
2019-05-27 08:55 BEIJING, Departure from outward office of exchange
2019-05-23 21:22 Posting/Collection
Origin: China
2019-05-31 09:55 Airline Shipment
2019-05-29 06:45 Airline Shipment
2019-05-28 22:31 Airline Shipment
2019-05-28 03:37 Shipped by airline
2019-05-28 03:32 Shipped by airline
2019-05-27 21:02 Leave the "Beijing Exchange Station" and the next stop, "Beijing Exchange Station" (via Turn)
2019-05-27 08:55 "Beijing-Mail International" has been exported directly seal
2019-05-27 00:00 Arrive at "Beijing Mail International" (via transfer)
2019-05-25 15:14 Leave "Guangzhou International", Next Stop "International Mail Forwarding Department" (via transfer)
2019-05-24 17:27 Arrive at "Guangzhou Interchange Bureau" (via transfer)
2019-05-24 15:33 Leaving "Dongguan International", the next stop "Guangzhou International"
2019-05-23 21:37 Arrive at "Dongguan International"
2019-05-23 21:36 Leave the "Postal Dongguan e-commerce Parcel Bureau Mail", the next stop "Dongguan International"
2019-05-23 21:22 "Postal Dongguan e-commerce Parcel Bureau Mail" received, Range investment agent: dg3

Shpping Destinatins

Palau Nauru Holy See Tuvalu Tonga Samoa Monaco Fiji Andorra Malta Brunei Dominica Grenada Bhutan San Marino Guyana Kiribati Belize Barbados Vanuatu Iceland Gabon Laos Bahamas Seychelles Oman Togo Comoros Cyprus Latvia Qatar Panama Suriname Maldives Iraq Micronesia Djibouti Serbia Israel Liberia Spain Haiti Libya Yemen Gambia Estonia Ireland Georgia Cuba Croatia Kuwait Chile Bahrain Lesotho Namibia Norway Kenya Saint Lucia Austria Syria Hungary Liechtenstein Jordan Nepal Uruguay Jamaica Albania Iran Armenia Italy Zambia Mali Moldova Cabo Verde Malawi Montenegro Botswana Chad Rwanda Lebanon Denmark Sweden Ghana Greece Belarus Eritrea Peru Benin Finland Luxembourg Guinea Niger Morocco Mauritius Lithuania Canada Romania Bulgaria Burundi Czechia Uganda Ukraine Slovakia Singapore France Belgium Senegal Somalia Japan Slovenia Tunisia Honduras Paraguay Sudan Ecuador Egypt Swaziland Turkey Poland Nicaragua Portugal Malaysia Costa Rica Cambodia Cameroon Zimbabwe Germany Tanzania Angola Mongolia Vietnam Brazil Bolivia Venezuela Russia Sri Lanka Algeria Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Mexico Marshall Islands Timor-Leste Thailand Nigeria Switzerland Azerbaijan Australia New Zealand Mozambique Colombia Madagascar Guatemala El Salvador Pakistan Mauritania Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Solomon Islands South Korea South Sudan Kazakhstan India Netherlands Argentina Sierra Leone China Guinea-Bissau Afghanistan Ethiopia North Korea Burkina Faso Côte d'Ivoire Antigua and Barbuda Palestine State Philippines Indonesia North Macedonia Bangladesh Saudi Arabia South Africa Saint Kitts and Nevis United Kingdom Sao Tome and Principe Papua New Guinea Equatorial Guinea Trinidad and Tobago Dominican Republic United Arab Emirates Bosnia and Herzegovina Central African Republic Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) Myanmar (formerly Burma) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines United States of America Democratic Republic of the Congo 


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Guest Kahi

    Your package has been handed over to the carrier.
    Your package has been dispatched or departed from its country of origin.
    Your package has arrived its destination country and pending customs inspection.
    Your package has arrived its destination country and during domestic transportation.
    Your package is under another transportation period. For instance, it's in another country as a transit point and will be forwarded from there to its final destination country.


    The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.
    The carrier hasn't scanned and entered tracking information for your package yet.
    Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
    The item was posted a long time ago, info not available anymore.

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Guest Ali

          " sushixbae ",
          "I just ordered some stationaries from aliexpress & i didnt know that i get to choose the shipping method so they just set the cheapest one for me WITH NO TRACKING NUMBER AND THE ETA IS JUST .....is there any way i can change the shipping method? TT  AliExpress_EN please help pic.twitter.com/PXgvzaKpds "
          " Totty38114 ",
          "Today on AliExpress sellers; Product was not in stock so I cancelled my order but the seller doesn't want to accept my cancellation unless I change the reason to 'others' and now they're gonna write a fake tracking number...? "
          " MothMansMilkMan ",
          "Eyy has anyone by any chance ordered from CostumeBuy on aliexpress before? Because I ordered a cosplay in early February, and apparently it shipped in early March, but anytime I use the tracking number, it can't be found ;-; "
          " David_Lee_Evans ",
          "So my USB-C cable arrived today from AliExpress, is it me? Or am I the only person who loves tracking deliveries via tracking number. It's like little transponders for packages. "


          " EunsoolY ",
          " PostNL hello. I ordered a stuff from China on aliexpress the tracking number is LX560222578NL the tracking says delivery is failed 2 days ago. and the local delivery company(dhl) doesn't have any information about that tracking number. can you please check where my package is? "
          " linovolpato ",
          "In january 14th I've bought 2 Items online by Gearbest. They were sent in Italy using Netherlands Post surface mail, the shipment's code are the following: Number of shipping: NL15485902284082 Track number: UD199082181NL Can you help me to find the Item? Thanks  linovolpato "
          " musedNeuroOT ",
          "Argghhhh!! So what I can gather my passport has not been delivered by DX courier service. They didn't tell me that they have passed it to Royal Mail but informed HMPO. DX haven't given me a tracking number for me to ask Royal Mail where it is. So who has my passport??? "
          " erna_aiiu ",
          " AliExpress_EN Dear, help me, please! more than 60 days my order hasn't arrived at my house. I have checked at my local post office, the receipt of tracking information is still in the process of getting out of goods from the country of origin. How ? "
          " AshokBubli ",
          " AliExpress_EN Placed an order 3march Order id 99147536664892 Tracking number UB020970724SG Where is my order status? Expected delivery Mar29- Apr 15 Till now not received and also i will send message to seller but there is no response. Also DM no response from  AliExpress_EN "
          " visareyajatin ",
          " DXdelivery I don’t have tracking number & trying to contact dx via chat or call without any success, how to contact dx? "
          " TheManOnTheTele ",
          " DXdelivery Good morning. HM Passport Office advised me on Friday that my passport is in transit via DX. They said it should take 2 days and I’d get a tracking number from you. I don’t have one yet. Are you able to assist? Thanks. "
          " Aiykenna ",
          "Good day. I purchased a cellphone from AliExpress and had ₦9,200 sent as DL as against the usual ₦1,000. Can you please review this give me feedback? Tracking number is  RB664868974SG. "
          " Immortal_Teddy ",
          "Thank you so much for retweeting. So a number of you know about Aliexpress. Can you please tell me how you get your goods shipped? Do u use a shipping agent or u wait the 30-40 days for it to come via China Mail? "
          " Usaha_Barokah1 ",
          " AliExpress_EN rate of incidents on buying stuff from bad seller increased within the past 1 month. What happened with your sellers ? Delayed shipment, fake tracking number & unresponsive seller ! I'm a diamond member...I've never been very upset & disappointed like this bfore ! "
          " moder_kber00 ",
          " AliExpress_EN I have a request that arrived on 23/3 with tracking number LP00126856020770 and so far I have not been contacted for delivery, what is the solution? "
          " siezemm ",
          " AliExpress_EN greetings pls how can I contact your shipping agents to Nigeria? My item showed delivery attempt and I think it is to a wrong address... I expected that I will be contacted via my mobile number I provided. Thank you "
          " daiki ",
          " SingPostCusCare Hi, I just wonder why LP131435725SG can't be tracked? I bought something from Aliexpress and it's being shipped on 21 Feb, but there's no further info about the tracking number. "
          " SZaferUlgur ",
          " AliExpress_EN I write again and ask. where are my orders? Your transport was to be delivered with your company. But your company \"Aliexpress Standard Shiphing\" has given me the wrong tracking number. Where are my orders? Where are my orders? Where are my orders? Heloooo!.. "
          " mama800900 ",
          "Dear did you read my massage in DM???? I sent massage to the seller and he didn't reply.. the problem not about receiving item I just wanna conferm the shipping address and make sure that he will write my phone number on the shipment before he shipp my items!!! "
          " Paul_Hurtado ",
          " AliExpress_EN I have a problem with a seller: 2/13 indicates my purchase was sent with tracking number. 3/14 indicates that it was sent with another purchase made 1 month later with another tracking 3/20 says the real tracking is another. Is this valid for you and deny a refund? "
          " SpotOnDay ",
          "the Promotions team have sent me a tracking number for DX but DX says this number is not valid and to go back to Samsung so someone is lying somewhere with the tracking number, the 30 days has now well and truly gone past is the Promotion team part of samsung I wonder ? "
          " emma_jane_xo ",
          " seetickets Hello, I've received a delivery attempt from DX for an order I can't seem to see in my See Tickets orders. Are you able to assist with what the order is for by using the tracking number or order number they've given me? "
          " nataliedzl ",
          " DXdelivery I received a text saying DX had attempted delivery but there was no calling card left so I don’t have a tracking number. Can we DM so you can help me locate the parcel? Thanks "
          " macbyr0n ",
          "Hi. passport office keep telling me that tracking number is issued by DX, seriously going around in circles. It's Ky7. How long does sorting take at depot? "
          " KijiArt ",
          "Holy moly!! Are you out of the country? :o Or was it an issue with the shipping calculator that I might be able to adjust? I don't want it to be ridiculous shipping rates for anyone. Well, more ridiculous than normal rates, anyway. Dx And thank you so, so much!! <3 "
          " AKingArchie ",
          "#donttrust  AliExpress_EN they want me to provide proof that I did not receive an item that they can clearly track and see that I did not receive it. How can I provide proof on something I don’t have other than the tracking number? This company is a #setup pic.twitter.com/6qrT9TgqOB "
          " DrDavid47103940 ",
          " PostNL How do i get my shipment delivered to me in nigeria?i bought a medical device on Aliexpress last year september.Am yet to recieve my shipment.each time i track the good,i find out its still at the shipper warehouse.tracking number is-RU255095167NL.Thanks "
          " tyshrsnd ",
          " chuwidotcom where i buy surbook mini keyboard? at gearbeast not that item not available shipping to my country indonesia. at aliexpress that item not found. "
          " endramohangaur ",
          "#whereismydoogees90 I am a backer on kickstarter.com, you guys have stopped replying to all backers, we all have been waiting for our phones song feb and its already March, when r u guys giving the tracking number? Is this a SCAM? "
          " QuaysRL ",
          " CeXSupport Hello, you gave me a dispatch on an order on the 23rd with a tracking number, but DX say they have no record of the item. What is happening please? "
          " Farfields_0x04 ",
          "Can I give you an AliExpress tracking number to bring back? Faster than 30 days delivery welcome. "
          " thesdony ",
          " AliExpress_EN how can i report fake tracking number? Cc:  Plaid_JackMa  AlibabaTalk  AlibabaGroup "


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Guest Wisera.J

Hello admin,

Kindly let me know the difference between air parcel register and standard shipping

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6 minutes ago, Guest Wisera.J said:

Hello admin,

Kindly let me know the difference between air parcel register and standard shipping

  • Standard shipping is not traceable, you do not get a tracking number.
  • Air parcel register has the tracking number and you can track your parcel here or in your order page.

Other shipping methods include:

  • Priority Direct Mail
  • Expedited Shipping Service
  • EMS Express Mail Service etc.

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Guest Wisera.J
15 minutes ago, Admin said:
  • Standard shipping is not traceable, you do not get a tracking number.
  • Air parcel register has the tracking number and you can track your parcel here or in your order page.

Thanks sir. Now i know.

Just received my parcel from banggood. Here's the order details:

  • Jun 11, 2019 13:17 DeliveredSigned by:  JACK WISERAID:  National Identification CardID No:  *******
  • Jun 11, 2019 09:37 Received at office of delivery
  • Jun 11, 2019 09:37 Delivery Notification Generated
  • Jun 11, 2019 08:45 Received the item
  • Jun 11, 2019 08:17 Received at location
  • Jun 10, 2019 18:30 Dispatched
  • Jun 10, 2019 12:42 Bagged
  • Jun 08, 2019 12:05 Received the item
  • Jun 08, 2019 11:17 Received at Exchange office for delivery
  • May 27, 2019 01:01 Received at Exchnage office for dispatch
  • May 23, 2019 21:22 Received the Shipment from customer
  • 2019-06-13 Confirm Delivery

Nairobi, Kenya

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Eva Silvia Woda
Hace mas de 60 dias que espero el par de sandalias que compré y no me llegan .gracias por responderme
Sandy Wang
Eble vi povas kontakti la vendiston kaj malfermi disputon
Eva Silvia Woda
Pedro Guzmán
I am afraid we have get ripped off and then we are going to talk to Chilean international law office, to take care this company is known though out the world
Eva Silvia Woda
Pedro Guzmán No se porque si eres chileno me escribes en ingles. Y que tienes que ver con las sandalias que compré y no me llegaron?
Lee Oliveira
Eles não entregam.eles vão entregar pra vc um cabo de dados .foi que eu e outros aqui receberam,são ladroes.
Pedro Guzmán
Eva Silvia Woda Eres poco imaginativa o que? si el Ingles es para todo el mundo y el Castellano para unos cuantos, cuentame la ventaja de llegarle a menos?
Aisulu Meimankanova
I'm waiting my order. How I can check where is my order?
Sandy Wang
Hi, you can enter your tracking number and click the "Track" button to find where is your order.
Lucia Montiglio
Yo tambien espero hace tiempo mi producto, llegará en algun momento? no entiendo el seguimiento del paquete.
Antonio Sobral
lucia se precisar eu lhe ajudo como puder, se nao entende o que escrevo = use google tradutor (português = ????
Duhwan Moon
It's a terrible delivery system. It's amazing that there are countries that use this system. I am very upset that the items I ordered in this system are being shipped. From now on, we will not order products in these countries. It's a terrible delivery system.
Lee Oliveira
Esta empresa lucurybuy,não entrega os produtos que você compra.vão te entregar um cabo de dados no lugar do seu pedido.aconteceu comigo.
Duhwan Moon
Lee Oliveira Now I have received the shipment. Anyway, it's amazing to be here.
Uwol Sanchez
Hi, it seems my package got stuck in here "HangKongGongSi in transit to next facility" Since December 30.
Any news about that? My tracking code is RG967204084CN

Rafi Perez
Hola para cuando tengo el envío
Mena Hafez Mohamed
Please i make order from december but not arrive tell now what i can do .order number
Lee Oliveira
Infelizmente voce não vai receber o produto que pediu ,no maximo você receberá um cabo de dados.fazem isso com todos neste site lucurybuy.com
Mattheus Lobo
Lee Oliveira foi justamente o que recebi nessa merda, 500 reais num cabo, ta de sacangem.
Gautham Gomzee
I ordered tottal 3 products, till today not even 1 product delivered. And refund also dumb
Show 2 more replies in this thread
Mena Hafez Mohamed
I asked for a horse game from December until I get back and I have not arrived so far and I have deducted the money from the visa I know I can not count . RG968005249CN .
Mena Hafez Mohamed
J'ai demandé un cheval de jeu sur le site à partir de fin décembre et je ne l'ai pas encore reçu et l'argent est déduit du visa, alors qu'est-ce que je fais? J'ai demandé un jeu de cheval de décembre jusqu'à mon retour et j'ai déduit l'argent du visa sais que je ne peux pas compter . RG968005249CN .
Antonio Sobral
【Egito】 entregue,
Ronnie Dollar
I'm starting to feel that I have been ripped off ! Number not found anywhere for almost 4 weeks
Lyn Morris
This company,Trackingmore,sends items for SCAM operarator FORYOUTHSOME.COM.
We ordered a lifting machine on 5 January from foryouthsome.com in China. Sadly, this company is a total scam, as many others have said online. They take your money and instead of sending the goods paid for, they send a data cable, so you will think that your order is coming when you track its progress.
Trackingmore - you should expose the scam that these people are involved in - or are you just happy to send scam data cables instead of the order that was paid for, so you can get $5USD to send these fake cords to disappointed people???
Please expose Foryouthsome.com to Chinese police!!
Lee Oliveira
Eu também comprei uma banheira e me enviaram um cabo de IPad.ladroes.tomem cuidado não comprem nada desse site.Lucurybury.com
June Ami
Tracking more is a tracking site, they're not the one who shipped your item.
Angelique Roelofs
Hello. I checked my order in trackingmore, but the only information I get is dated in 02-01-2019. After that no updates anymore. Where is my package?
Kath Beer
I have received a parcel this morning that i have not ordered please reply
Washington Elio Acuña
Badshah Bashu Farooque Mohammed
When do we get our delivery?
Shipped on 9th Jan.
Mena Hafez Mohamed
What the meaning of sent to the export custo
Costantino Ventura
Oggi è il 23-01-'19.le informazioni si fermano all' 8-11-'18.no coment
Mary Carew
Winit tracking #ID15234614899833CN Still haven't received package. Very disappointed. Was supposed to arrive on January 2nd.
William Nichols
Have u received any products that u played for from this company
Maviva Mokakangwe
Your tracking info was not found, Possible reasons:
1: The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.
2: The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet.
3: Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
4: Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier's system.

this is dissapointing.
Ria Basson
I agree they take our money but nothing get delivered, you also cannot track the parcel no. Do you think we can we reverse our
money at the bank. I am waiting since Nov 2018
William Nichols
Did I ever recieve anything? Waiting myself for products from this company
Laurie Lane
My order has been in transit for 56 days now. The order number is UP655607817CN, is there any way to get this delivered?
Crina Gabriela
Hello. Did you receive your order? have also ordered 2 weekes ago and I want to make sure I will receive my order.
Laurie Lane
Sorry, I also made a claim through Paypal
Nothing as of yet
Honesty Chyne
my product ID ALJCC8350000200YQ tracking shown in-transit it's means what? plz give exact arrive area.
Domenic Mariani
How can I track my package after it's arrived in the US?
Greg Booth
Idont do your advertising for you throught questionaires
Yvonne Bishop
order stilll not arrived . RK885620239CN
Jack Seto
my package has been Processed Through Facility, CHINA,GUANGZHOU with no status update since the 16th. that was ten days ago. I want to know what is going on, specially since i got no responce when i emailed the feedback/ customer support.
Jim Dengler
I tried to co my tracking on all your sites you said to try all day not found what should I do please email
José Fialho Gonçalves
Desde 16 de Novembro de 2018, paguei nessa data, há mais de 70 dias, perguntei por e-mail onde está, responderam: Nós verificamos o seu pedido 04111ba03fc10bc1 e o pacote já foi entregue. Não foi entregue porque nunca chegou à minha morada que estava na encomenda e podem ver abaixo nesta página, agradeço informem se não vou receber o objeto que paguei.
Jaqueta de couro de motocicleta de cor pura Stand gola de homens, Número do pedido 0411d18058a34fbf
Data do pedido 2018-11-16 14:15:19, Status do pagamento PAGO, Endereço de entrega:
José Gonçalves
Rua Ilha do Faial, 2
Horta,Portugal,9900-067 - Portugal
Método de envio Expedição normal
Lee Oliveira
Se vc recebeu um cabo de dados.?.é isso que eles fazem.pode ver mais relatos .eu comprei uma banheira .recebi um cabo!!!!sao ladroes estelionatarios
José Fialho Gonçalves
Lee Oliveira Recebi ontem o objeto que paguei e foi entregue para seguir para o destinatário em 16 de Nobembro de 2018, na foto e na real é muito diferente.
Jim Dengler
I have been waiting for over 4 weeks my tracking number does not show any where
I guess I got rip off too I will be calling the police soon
Jose Dias
This sistem is a full load of SH&%. Packed one moth ago and so far nothing. What a crap
José Fialho Gonçalves
Paguei e não recebi até hoje o objeto, Número do pedido 0411d18058a34fbf
Data do pedido 2018-11-16 14:15:19
Status do pagamento PAGO
Endereço de entrega
José Gonçalves
Rua Ilha do Faial, 2
Método de envio Expedição normal…See More
Lee Oliveira
Eles não entregam o produto que vc comprou .só um cabo de carregar celular.é isso que vai receber.bandidos!,
Melinda Jenkins
I ordered a queen size bed and got a fidgit spinner delivered today! Where is my bed???
Elena Bako
THIS IS JUST A SCAM!!!! I have ordered a Mobility Scooter and Small Car all valued at 300 US Dollars and I get A CHARGING CABLE like for I Phone but a duplicate!!!!!!!!! Do not trust them!!! They just still our money!!!
Lee Oliveira
Eu também recebi um cabo de carregar celular.são estelionatarios .não comprem nada deste site Lucurybuy.com
Michael Feltt
I have been waiting on my order since mid December. I placed the order on the 12th. I was sent a email saying it shipped. Not one link worked.
Honesty Chyne
can you give exact delivery date my traking id aljcc8350000200yq plz reply soon.
Dianne Certeza
Haven't recieved my order with tracking number RU883399228CN, please check.
Lee Oliveira
Não sei que vc comprou ,mas vai receber um cabo de carregar celular.pode ver nos post aqui eles são bandidos só entregam isso,é não o seu pedido.
Dianne Certeza
Lee Oliveira sorry i cant understand. hope we have the same sentiment.
Rene McLavin
Received my uk parcel quickly, paid extra for the South african parcel and is still in transit, 63 days now
Hailey Maher
Were is my fucking product u pricks just anther scam
Patsy Miller Martinez
Where is my order
Zamir Ayubi
Badshah Bashu Farooque Mohammed
Let us know when the table will be delivered? Thanks.LM454873152CN
Antje Bode
Ich habe die Ware nicht erhalten!
Bitte um Klärung
Paulo Ulisses Faria

Lee Oliveira
Paulo eles são estelionatários eu comprei uma banheira inflável e recebi um cabo de carregar celular
Franklin Cataño
se puede saver que paso con mi orden RG967799335CN,
Gleici Nascimento
in the screening it says that my order was delivered in france, and I am in brazil it will be that it was lost
Gleici Nascimento
Gleici Nascimento
in the screening it says that my order was delivered in france, and I am in brazil it will be that it was lost
Paulo Ulisses Faria
Alma M Bell Blase
I have tracking number but it only goes until Jan 19 and then stops. How do I find out where it is now?
Evolution GB
No entiendo la información del tracking
Mohammad Zanganeh
Jag inte fått stereo
Snälla meddela mig tack . Mvh mz
Graindorge Stéphane
N'attend toujours mon colis qui est marqué Livré quand je vais voir le suivi du colis . Donc ou est il
Pedro Guzmán
I think the problem is that they don't have a policy of communication with customers, is a massive business development so things get to our country but we never know well a number of tracking in our country so things can be lost very easy.
Hatem Sallam
I am still waiting my order and it spend a lot of time until now 40 day
Johar Al Faalih
please deliver LM574823087CN quikly
Muhammad Idrees
HI, i am waiting for my parcel from almost two months, there are no signs of delivery yet.
Muhammad Idrees
After 22nd of December there is no tracking info available. this is a scam company, just sucking our blood.
Badshah Bashu Farooque Mohammed
We have not received the order yet
Showing delivery on 21st Jan.
Badshah Bashu Farooque Mohammed
Who and where made the delivery?
Carla Mckinnon
Ive been waiting since november for my dirtbike i bought for xmas for grandaughters and it still hasnt Arrived
Carla Mckinnon
Ive been ripped off and am goin to report you to AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE CYBERCRIME I bought a Dirtbike for grant for xmas in November and still hasnt Arrived tracking no LH404748642CN

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Guest Kimeu

Hello admin,

Kindly help track my order. My tracking number is RU927123949CN. Every time i track i get this on different dates


Hangzhou International Mail return, Note: Security return

Tell me what it means.

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10 minutes ago, Guest Kimeu said:

Hello admin,

Kindly help track my order. My tracking number is RU927123949CN. Every time i track i get this on different dates

Tell me what it means.

Hi Kimeu,

It means that your parcel is being delayed in China because it did not pass the security check the first time,  2nd time, 3rd time etc.  It is now on the way back to be checked again. Better contact the shipper to let them know. 

Here's the tracking details

2019-07-18 12:34 Hangzhou International Mail return, Note: Security return

2019-07-18 06:44 Leave Hangzhou Center, next stop , Hangzhou International Mail (via transfer)

2019-07-17 21:14 Arrival in Hangzhou Center (via transfer)

2019-07-17 17:04 Leave the Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Hangzhou Express (via transfer)

2019-07-17 03:01 Arrive at shanghai station mail processing sub-center (via transfer)

2019-07-16 07:48 Leave the Post Office Post Transfer Bureau, the next stop , Shanghai Station Mail Processing Sub-Center (via transfer)

2019-07-15 00:12 Arrival at Beijing Post International (via transfer)

2019-07-13 22:35 Leave the "Speed" Hangzhou Branch, the next stop , Beijing Wangjing (via transfer)

2019-07-12 09:51 Hangzhou International Mail return, Note: Security return

2019-07-11 07:45 Arrival at Hangzhou International Mail (via transfer)

2019-07-10 03:09 Leave the Shanghai Station Mail Processing Sub-Center, the next stop , Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center (via transfer)

2019-07-10 02:20 Arrive at shanghai station mail processing sub-center (via transfer)

2019-07-09 07:47 Leave the Post Office Post Transfer Bureau, the next stop , Shanghai Station Mail Processing Sub-Center (via transfer)

2019-07-05 04:59 Arrival at Beijing Terminal (via Transfer)

2019-07-04 22:15 Leave Hangzhou Terminal, next stop ,Beijing Terminal (via transfer)

2019-07-04 12:33 Hangzhou International Mail return, Note: Security return

2019-07-03 20:54 Arrival in Hangzhou Center (via transfer)

2019-07-03 16:58 Leave the Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Hangzhou Express (via transfer)

2019-07-03 02:51 Arrive at shanghai station mail processing sub-center (via transfer)

2019-07-02 16:17 Logistics order created

2019-07-02 07:49 Leave the Post Office Post Transfer Bureau, the next stop , Shanghai Station Mail Processing Sub-Center (via transfer)

2019-07-01 00:50 Arrival at International Mail Transfer Department (via Transfer)

2019-06-29 21:30 Leave the "Speed" Hangzhou Branch, the next stop , Beijing Wangjing (via transfer)

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