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Guest Mathew

MT4|MT5 Convertion|Decompilation Requests

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On 19/03/2022 at 10:04 AM, laudemir said:

ok thanks, I will buy the software

I thought the decompilation process was difficult, how did you decompile the indicator, how much does it cost for you to send me the already decompiled file?

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If you want the decompiled file, you can  reach me via Telegram username "@eF1_admin" so we can discuss the cost. Sorry I took long to respond. I don't usually work on Sundays.

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Hi, Guys!

  1.    1. What it is (is it a mt4|mt5 indicator or Expert Advisor?)
            -- mt5 Expert Advisor
        2. How it works
            -- Auto Trading
        3. It’s usefulness and indicate if it has limitations(expiry, license etc)
            -- Licence will expire soon 
        4. What you want us to do.
            -- Send me please first  statements of MQ5 code to prove it works

Thank you in advance!

Please be specific, so we can work on your files without requesting further information from you. You can use any major language. We will ignore/delete your files if you upload them without writing description as instructed above.

NB. If you are posting as a guest you may have to leave your email as we don't post some decompiled code publicly. For logged-in users we use private message(PM) to post replies. 


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