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1 minute ago, Guest Mathew said:

I would like to partially see the code


This is not an EA as you have said. It is an indicator.

Here is the code

#property description "Displays the candle wicks' length above and below the candles."
#property description "Alerts when the candle's wick (shadow) reaches a certain length."
#property description "You can choose whether to use pips or %."
#property description "Email settings are under Tools->Options->Email."
#property description "Notifications settings are under Tools->Options->Notifications."

// The indicator uses only objects for display, but the line below is required for it to work.
#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_plots 0

enum PipsPerc

input PipsPerc Units = Pips; // Standard pips or percentage points.
input int DisplayWickLimit = 5; // DisplayWickLimit in standard pips or %.
input color DisplayHighWickColor = clrRed;
input color DisplayLowWickColor = clrLimeGreen;
input int UpperWickLimit = 10; // UpperWickLimit in broker pips or % for alerts.
input int LowerWickLimit = 10; // LowerWickLimit in broker pips or % for alerts.
input bool WaitForClose = true; // WaitForClose - Wait for a candle to close before checking wicks' length?
input bool SoundAlert = false;
input bool VisualAlert = false;
input bool EmailAlert = false;
input bool NotificationAlert = false;
input bool IgnoreAlertsOnFirstRun = true;
// If > 0 and <= 100, displays length only for bars where Open & Close within top or bottom % of candle.
input int TopBottomPercent = 0; // TopBottomPercent: Body within top/bottom percentge part.
input string FontFace = "Verdana";
input int FontSize = 10;
input int MaxBars = 500;

// Global variables.
datetime AlertDone; // Time of the bar of the last alert.
double Poin; // Traditional point value.
bool CanDoAlerts; // Fuse to prevent alerts on initialization or timeframe change.

//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |
void OnInit()
	Poin = _Point;
	//Checking for unconventional Point digits number
   if ((_Point == 0.00001) || (_Point == 0.001)) Poin *= 10;
   if (!WaitForClose) CanDoAlerts = false;
   else CanDoAlerts = true;

//| Custom indicator deinitialization function                       |
void OnDeinit(const int reason)
   ObjectsDeleteAll(0, "Red-", -1, OBJ_TEXT);
   ObjectsDeleteAll(0, "Green-", -1, OBJ_TEXT);

//| ChartEvent function                                              |
void OnChartEvent(const int id,
                  const long &lparam,
                  const double &dparam,
                  const string &sparam)
   // Redraw wick labels.
   if (id == CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE) RedrawVisibleWickLabels();

//| CandleWicks                                                      |
int OnCalculate(const int rates_total,
                const int prev_calculated,
                const datetime &Time[],
                const double &Open[],
                const double &High[],
                const double &Low[],
                const double &Close[],
                const long &tick_volume[],
                const long &volume[],
                const int &spread[])
   ArraySetAsSeries(Time, true);
   ArraySetAsSeries(Open, true);
   ArraySetAsSeries(High, true);
   ArraySetAsSeries(Low, true);
   ArraySetAsSeries(Close, true);
   string name, length;
   bool DoAlert = false;
   int index = 0;
   if (WaitForClose) index = 1;
   int counted_bars = prev_calculated;
   if (counted_bars > 0) counted_bars--;
   int limit = rates_total - counted_bars;
   if ((MaxBars != 0) && (limit > MaxBars)) limit = MaxBars;

   for (int i = 0; i < limit; i++)
      if ((TopBottomPercent > 0) && (TopBottomPercent <= 100))
         double percent = (High[i] - Low[i]) * TopBottomPercent / 100;
         if (!(((Open[i] >= NormalizeDouble(High[i] - percent, _Digits)) && (Close[i] >= NormalizeDouble(High[i] - percent, _Digits))) ||
             ((Open[i] <= NormalizeDouble(Low[i] + percent, _Digits)) && (Close[i] <= NormalizeDouble(Low[i] + percent, _Digits))))) continue;

      if ((Units == Percentage) && (High[i] == Low[i])) continue; // Avoid zero-divide error.

      // Upper wick length display.
      if (
         ((Units == Pips) && (NormalizeDouble(High[i] - MathMax(Open[i], Close[i]), _Digits) >= NormalizeDouble(DisplayWickLimit * Poin, _Digits)))
         ((Units == Percentage) && ((High[i] - MathMax(Open[i], Close[i])) / (High[i] - Low[i]) * 100 >= DisplayWickLimit))
         name = GenerateObjectName("Red-", Time[i]);


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22 hours ago, Guest Mike Sifanele said:

mt5 indicator, it's paints on the chart. It does not have limitation. It's relatively useful. I made the donation and I need assistance on how to use the software. Email results to Mike.sif***@gmail.com.

Bheuron Pattern.ex5

Bheuron Pattern.ex5

please decompile to mq5.

Here you go. ex5 decompiled to editable mq5 source code.


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Guest Fernando Galindo

3. Sí, es posible que tenga una licencia en la instalación, pero no sabemos qué más tiene y necesitamos saber qué más trae. adicionalmente ingrese el código para realizar modificaciones a nuestras  necesidades y que no sea un impedimento para modificarlo.

4. una demostración de cómo funciona la herramienta y cuáles fueron sus resultados

Copiadora FX Blue Personal Trade para MT5 Setup.exe

FX Blue Personal Trade Copier for MT5 Setup.exe

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Guest Osten

need this indicator decompiled, pls send the source code to me after it's decompiled to mq5. Thank you in anticipation of your favourable response.


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Guest Warace

It means with your software I can convert ex4/mq4 to ex5/mq5 and vice-versa. Right?

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