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  1. This is a digital copy of Naledi his love from chapter 12 to the end. download pdf. Naledi his love.pdf Login required Chapter 1 to 11 download link also available here.
  2. Login required to download now Ecodial advance calculation v4.8.rar download ecodial 4.8 full crack ecodial software download ecodial software for windows 7 ecodial 3.4 software free download ecodial advance calculation 4.4 download how to install ecodial software ecostruxure power design
  3. msimg32.dll usage

    The best discussion forum for msimg32.dll is fxdiscourse.site. Link: https://fxdiscourse.site/error-message-in-the-experts-tab-saying-global-initialization-failed/ fix and other discussions here
  4. Anyone who needs HUAWEI bootloader unlock code can post a request here. You need to include MODEL, IMEI, Serial Number and product ID. Your email is not necessary as we will use private message to send code. Also remember to indicate your country.
  5. You can decompile Robô Fimathe.ex5 EA and remove all restrictions using https://sharedlinks.shilidola.com/product/ex5-mql5-ex4-mq5-converter-decompiler-software-bundle-zip/ With that software it is very easy to access the source code and modify it the way you want.
  6. Decompile ex5 to mq5 For mt5

    There you go with full source code
  7. Yeah ..... You can reach me via WhatsApp here
  8. Hello, I have successfully decompiled it. See screenshot below. On how to pay and get the source code, reach me via telegram https://t.me/eF1_admin
  9. Found useful contents Here: https://mtcolletors.shilidola.com/ iFx/3tbabw9g1fqiFx24/ iFx/njqeleuvuzmiFx23/ iFx/yp3tf3s6plkiFx22/ iFx/fw71kj5rx59iFx21/ iFx/4to3j3yw5jkiFx20/ iFx/vt5k5s2t8fgiFx19/ iFx/x9c75s1nkqciFx18/ iFx/bgozroojmi2iFx17/ iFx/4kjcjvlr3eoiFx16/ iFx/al2y4klaiw7iFx15/ iFx/r20os8orkwciFx14/ iFx/0i5gt5rij50iFx13/ iFx/n37usrz3ty2iFx12/ iFx/j709cbqwljaiFx11/ iFx/xsc1sl50a03iFx10/ iFx/qi7faeayuzkiFx09/ iFx/o0cgfprwwv6iFx08/ iFx/t3i5hdefay4iFx07/ iFx/be9wfuzd7gciFx06/ iFx/3ekls4ybuisiFx05/ iFx/b9phvk5m3axiFx04/ iFx/2u9bp9cqb0xiFx03/ iFx/de3kbx01fdliFx02
  10. Pack contains ready garment templates for men/women/kids that can be used in CLO 3D>>import. Download available on request as we cannot post the link publickly.
  11. Cracked version of infinite warfare with working zombies. The cracked zombies are now working as those of the paid version of iw. download link
  12. CEH Lab builder Pack

    This pack consists of files you can use to create CEH lab plus PDF tutorials. Donation required to get the download link. CEH Lab builder Pack.rar Login to activate link
  13. Direct download link for uPetrucci and Tim Henson Plugins cracked version. Works like a fully functional copy of the paid version. Click the link below to get a copy Download
  14. Nano-Trader-FX

    We already decompiled it using our decompiler, but you posted this as a guest, so you can not download attached files. Just sign-up and login or at least provide your email. Thanks.
  15. Nano-Trader-FX

    Nano-Trader-FX.rar are programs for MT4 platform. The Nano Trader Signal code tells you the best points to buy and sell for the given time frame and the given currency, stock, or cryptocurrency. Nano Trader Analyzer identifies the currencies' strength meter for the given time frames. The sensitivity adjustment for Nano Trader signal adjusts how sensitive the program is to price movements. Typically, the lower the sensitivity the greater the frequency of the buy and sell markers on the chart. This uses a currency strength meter along with other technical analysis indicators to determine these points. Nano Trader Analyzer determines the strength of currency pairs for a given time frame. The X and Y coordinates change the location of the chart. You can also change the currency pairs it tracks. Identified Limitations The limitations of the Trader Signal are as follows. The technical analysis indicators it uses are not adjustable. The sensitivity adjustments only go so far. The signals that appear would be more useful if there were arrows with price points on the candlestick chart indicating where to buy and sell, rather than floating dots that don't track the candlesticks well. The limitations of Nano Trader Analyzer is that it's only limited to tracking certain currency pairs. It's also a pain to move it around on the chart because it doesn't allow you to click and drag it or even resize it.
  16. Old version of moded Display.Land app for android 10 and above used to scan people, locations and objects to real 3D Models. Works perfectly without country restrictions. Officially, the developer has discontinued the app since August 2020, so you cannot update it. Display.Land.apk (offline installation) Download use your phone to scan objects to 3D models
  17. Is there really a forex trading EA or a trading strategy that can be said to be a zero loss strategy/EA? Off course there is but it's not easy to find one. In this post we will be discussing and sharing profitable EAs and strategies.
  18. If you want the decompiled file, you can reach me via Telegram username "@eF1_admin" so we can discuss the cost. Sorry I took long to respond. I don't usually work on Sundays.
  19. Hello @laudemir, We have successfully managed to decompile your indicator from ex5 to mq5 using our decompiling software. (see below screenshots).
  20. Rocosoft PTZJoy Pro.rar

    Click here to download Rocosoft PTZJoy Pro.rar cracked version for PC. Software for controlling multiple PTZ IP cameras with a usb joystick or game controller. File Name :Rocosoft PTZJoy Pro.rar Uploaded by :Admin Donate to Download To download this file you need to make a donation via PayPal and after donating you will be taken to the download page automatically. It is a clean file and its working perfectly. It is not password-protected and no waiting after donating. PTZJoy Pro.rar software for windows
  21. Planning Related.7z

    1. Cash Flow Ready Templates 2. KPI Dashboards 3. Productivity & Manpower 4. Progress & Tracking Sheets 5. Project Progress Reports for Planners 6. Ready Time Schedules of Primavera Software 7. Time Line Templates Downloads available on request.
  22. It's hard to tell before checking the file. If you don't mind you can upload it here we check if its possible to decompile it in the first place, then advise you on the cost.

    I have successfully downloaded but unfortunately it failed. I tried everything with no luck.