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Found 1 result

  1. Here are detailed compilation of laws and regulations of Ethiopia. Free To request and free to Download. (Council OF Minsters Regulation NO. 61/1999 OF Article 3.pdf 283/2013 Council Of Minster Regulation Which Deals With Agricultural Investment N Ethiopia.pdf 572/2000 Regulation About Nationalized House.pdf Agricultural Investment Land Administration Regulation No.283/2013.pdf All Insurance Related Proclamations Regulations And Directives.pdf CBE Establishment Regulation No.202/1994.pdf CBE’S And CBB’S Establishment Regulations 202/1994 & 203/1994.pdf Certain Proclamation WTH REGARDS TO Ethiopian Industries.pdf Council Of Ministers Directive No 71/2004 On Cost-Sharing.pdf Council Of Ministers Regulation No. 283/2013 Which Deals With The Establishment Of The Ethiopia Agricultural Investment Land Administration Agency.pdf Directive 71/2004.pdf Directive No 71/2004 On Cost-Sharing.pdf Directive Of 02/2003 For Chartes And Societies Agency 30/70 Regulation.pdf Driving License Proclamation.pdf E Pro No542/2007.pdf EA Proc.pdf Ethiopia National Tater Regulations Issued June 2011.pdf Foreign Investment Construction And Registration Of Property Law And Regulation.pdf Industrial Pollution Control Proc.pdf Investment Proclamation No. 270/2005.pdf Licensing And Supervision Of Insurance Business Proclamation No. 86/1994.pdf Mtku Assefa From Ministry Of Urban Development And Construction.pdf New Business License From Regional Office For Doing Business As Federal Tax Payer As Sole Proprietor.pdf New Federal Police Regulation.pdf Pollution Control Proc.pdf Pro No 622/01 E.C.pdf Proc.# 25/1988.pdf Procl No 455/2005for Expropriation Of Land Holdings For Public Purpose Regulation No 135/2007 And Proclamation For The Establishment Of A.A Water And Sewerage Authority.pdf Proclamation No 54/2005.pdf Proclamation No. 847/2014 (847/2006) Financial Reporting Standard.pdf Proclamation No.455/2005 And Regulation No.135/2005.pdf Proclamations And Regulations Of The Regional States Besides The Federal Ones; For Example Debub Negart.pdf RATE OF SERVCE FEES Council OF MNSTER Regulation NO. 370/2015.pdf Regulation 208/2003 Transport Regulation.pdf Regulation 372/2016 On Apculture.pdf Regulation And Proclamation About Travel Agency In Ethiopia.pdf Regulation For The Establishment Of The Ethiopian Investment Agency.pdf Regulation No 106/2004.pdf Regulation No 134/1998138/1998 And 147/1991.pdf Regulation No 157/2008.pdf Regulation No 164/2010.pdf Regulation No 179 /2002 About Eprdf Army Foundation.pdf Regulation No 208/2003.pdf Regulation No 251/2004.pdf Regulation NO 324/2014.pdf Regulation No 647/02.pdf Regulation No. 208/2011.pdf Regulation No. 3/2006.pdf Regulation No. 309/2014 About Capital Goods Lease Agreement Registration.pdf Regulation No. 54/2005 For The Establishment Of Proclamation No.37/2005.pdf Regulation No.154/2003.pdf Regulation NO.158/2001E.C.pdf Regulation No.168/2001 Chartes And Society Regulation.pdf Regulation No.306/2014 About A Procedure For Freezing Terrorist Assets..pdf Regulation No.331/2014.pdf Regulation Number 14`1/2007.pdf Regulation Number 154/2000.pdf Regulation Number 157/2008 Of The National Bank.pdf Regulation Of Accounting And Auditing Board Of Ethiopia.pdf Regulations #41-56.pdf.pdf Regulations #41-67.pdf Regulations #57-67.pdf Regulations No. 278/2005.pdf Repeal Of Sur Tax On Ported Goods Council Of Minsters Regulation No 69-2001.pdf Reu.No 208/2011e.pdf Sold Waste Management Proc.pdf The Added Version Of Ethiopian Industrial Park Proclamation 886/2015.pdf The Capital Goods Registration & Administration Regulation No.309/2014.pdf The Ethiopian Directive 43/2015 In English.pdf The Execution Guide Line 1/2000 E.C.pdf The Federal Civil Service Disciplinary Directives Of Regulation No 77/2002 E.C.pdf The Index Of The Regulations 2009 Of Ethiopian Calender.pdf The Latest Ethiopian Allowance Regulations Fro Government Workers.pdf The Newest Investment Pro.No.769/2012 And Ts Regulation No.270/2005.pdf The Proc And Regulations Of Ethiopian Public Bud And Finance Admirations.pdf The Proclamation No. 86/1994f.pdf The Sales Register Machine Use Council Of Ministers Regulations No. 139/2007.pdf The Working Procedure Of The Council Of Ministers 2005.pdf