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    Admin got a reaction from Mbalenhle in Naledi his love from chapter 12 copy   
    This is a digital copy of Naledi his love from chapter 12 to the end. download pdf.
    Naledi his love.pdf
    Login required
    Chapter 1 to 11 download link also available here.
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    Admin got a reaction from CONVIDADO in Genyus Ea Source   
    ▼▼▼ MASTER DESIGNEA=GENYUS - Proactive Intelligence
    ; ▼▼▼ RANGE MANUAL
    ; ▼▼▼ BREAKEVEN
    ; ▼▼▼ PROTEÇÕES
    Downloads on request only.
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    Admin got a reaction from KennyRodgers in Modded TweakBox Apk For Android   
    Click the link below to download a modded version of TweakBox.apk for Android devices. Still working as at June 19 with no parse error encountered and no rooting required.
    Download [login to download]
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    Admin got a reaction from Mbalenhle in Naledi his love from chapter 12 copy   
    This is a digital copy of Naledi his love from chapter 12 to the end. download pdf.
    Naledi his love.pdf
    Login required
    Chapter 1 to 11 download link also available here.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in SmartLib_6.00.exe   
    Click here to download
    This is the full version without password-protection.
    Download link here
    To download this file you need to make a donation and after donating the download link will be sent to your email automatically.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Admin pls help me download this https://download.csdn.net/download/chuchus/9425997   
    Downloaded! Check your email.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Z1 Shared Download Links   
    These Direct Download Links have been shared by different users from around the world. To download any file, you need to donate via PayPal and after donating the download link will automatically be sent to your email. Click on the link that corresponds to the file you want, then donate and the link will be sent to your email.
    AsusIntelRootKit.rar ExtIO RTL2832.dll openiboot.zip MTK USB Driver 2014.zip download RedMiNote rootonly rel.zip FarCry34.rar Real Life Mod.zip ROOT-P8-LITE.zip NbDmiFit-2.05.zip Temple Run Hack.rar Satoshi's Treasure Map.zip CADe-SIMU Viet Hoa.zip AzuraBar.zip - File Shared from , XT Main.zip Universal Vendor Y300.zip Download NetLimiter Pro 3 Setup.rar script.xbmc.pandorajson-1.3.02.zip, Strad Map.zip LGG3-D855-OneClickRootRecoveryV1.1.zip Vocaloid Mod.zip(1.8) ROOT-P8.zip 私生活.zip - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage, The Void Mod.zip(1.7.10), Soccer Cars (Rocket League) Map.zip blitzui 130.zip AnalyzerUpdate2014-10 x86 2014-10-16 311.322.part1.rar littleMaidMob-1 2 5-LittleVocal mdl+mdltex v2a-test.zip History of Games(besser).zip total 70 e 30 thunder.rar telecharger garry's mod gratuit m3xx i9305.pit, ZenFoneRootLolipop.zip Download from .com the calibre-theme-renatoram-0.4.zip, MotoTool All In One 2.5.zip ODIN3-V3.07.zip Download from .net (RAR file), viralmarketing.zip - gavroche full.zip amanda full.zip Windows 8.1 KMSpico latest.rar (2.76 MB) High resolution images (zip) repository's zip file Apple Keynote (key.zip)
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Which is the best website to buy few bitcoins and pay using paypal?   
    If you do not already have bitcoins you can buy right now from below sites.
    1. localbitcoins.com 2. paxful.com or 3. coinmama.com 4. Speed BTC.
    The recommended site is coinmama.com. It is fast, it supports payment via credit/debit cards and not as expensive as the first two but you need verification. Speed BTC is also good and very fast. You can buy btc worth any amount there and pay using PayPal. Via Localbitcoins and Paxful you can buy bitcoins using your local currency.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Alternative ePayments Guide | What works where?   
    Beside widely used payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, 2Checkout, Payza etc, there are other better gateways that you as an online merchant can use to collect money online for your products and services. Depending on where you/your customers are(country) and your products/services, you can find better payment processing providers here.  In this topic we discuss various payment gateways. How they work, country availability, restrictions, limitations, successes, failures etc.
    Skrill, Gumroad, worldremit, Selz, Moneygram, Remitly, Crypto currencies, Google Wallet, Mpesa, Western union, eCheck etc, are discussed here.
    Direct bank transfer – Direct PayPal Transfer    
        Take payments in person via BACS. More commonly known as direct bank/wire transfer    
        Check payments –
        Take payments in person via checks. This offline gateway can also be useful to test purchases.    
        Cash on delivery – Pay cash    
        Have your customers pay with cash (or by other means) upon delivery.    
        PayPal Standard redirects customers to PayPal to enter their payment information.    
        middleman Crypto Payments – Pay with bitcoins    
        Allow customers to pay using cryptocurrency    
        GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoins – Bitcoin/Altcoin    
        Plugin Homepage  &  screenshots »
    Plugin on Github - 100% Free Open Source »
    White Label Product. Secure payments with virtual currency. What is Bitcoin?
    Accept Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Bitcoinsv, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Reddcoin, Potcoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, Universalcurrency, Monetaryunit payments online in WooCommerce.
    Western union.
    You can actually use Western union to receive payments online. It is available worldwide. In some countries you can receive money directly to your mobile wallet without the need of visiting their local agents. There's no automatic way of receiving western Union payments. The sender must have your details. Full names, your country, city etc. To get the money you need to have senders detail too plus tracking code(MTCN). Most customers don't like using this method because it is too expensive and time-consuming. Given that Western union is a money transfer company, they don't offer e-commerce tools. They also discourage their users from sending money for online purchases.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Why Don't I Get 6-digit SMS Code From Paypal To Confirm My Phone Number   
    My issue is now solved. My phone number is now confirmed.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Shipping FAQ And Answers   
    This topic is solely dedicated to answering questions about international shipping from Chinese online shops. If you have purchased any item from Banggod.com, dx.com, gearbest.com, aliexpress.com, lightinthebox.com, dhgate.com, buyincoins.com etc you can post your tracking number here, and we will be able to tell you the current package status plus the expected day of arrival.
    Different Statuses And Meaning:
    In transit
    Item has shipped from originating country and is en route to its destination.
    Pick up
    Item is out for delivery or arrived at local facility, you may schedule for delivery or pickup. Please be aware of the collection deadline.
    Item was attempted for delivery but failed, this may due to several reasons. Please contact the carrier for clarification.
    Item was delivered successfully to the addressee.
    Under most circumstances, the delivered status indicates that the carrier has delivered this package successfully.
    Item might undergo unusual shipping condition, this may due to several reasons, most likely item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc.
    Item was in transportation period for a long time still has no delivered results.
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    Admin got a reaction from philve in Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer V7.16 Full.rar   
    Click here to Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer V7.16 Full.rar

    File Name :Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer V7.16 Full.rar
    Uploaded by :Admin

    Donate to Download

    To download this file you need to make a donation via PayPal and after donating you will be taken to the download page automatically. It is a clean file and its working perfectly. It is not password-protected and no waiting after donating. $11
    Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer V7.16 Full.rar
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    Admin got a reaction from karlos500 in Ex5 to Mql5 converter PC Software   
    It’s true I have it but can't share it for free. It took me a lot of time to get it so understand pls. It’s a PC software that converts all supported mt files from one format to another and vice versa. Mq5 file to ex5 and vice versa, MQL4 to MQL5, MQ4 or EX4 to MQ5 etc.
    To download it you need to make a donation and after donating you will be taken to the download page automatically. it is a clean file, not password-protected and no multiple redirection after donating. you can use it to decompile ex5, ex4 files among other advanced forex tools.
    Donate to download   For quick support and Screenshots use
    Telegram username: @eF1_admin
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    Admin reacted in What Is PesaLink And How It Works   
    To answer the question which banks are part of pesalink; All members of Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) are part of pesalink. Currently they are 47. here is the list.
    1. African Banking Corp. Ltd 2. Bank of Africa Kenya Ltd 3. Bank of India 4. Bank of Baroda (K) Ltd 5. Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd 6. Stanbic Bank Ltd 7. Chase Bank (K) Ltd (In Receivership) 8. Citibank N.A. 9. Commercial Bank of Africa Ltd 10. Consolidated Bank of Kenya Ltd 11. Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd 12. Credit Bank Ltd 13. Development Bank (K) Ltd 14. Diamond Trust Bank (K) Ltd 15. Dubai Bank Ltd (In Receivership) 16. Dubai Islamic Bank (Kenya) Ltd 17. Ecobank Limited 18. Spire Bank 19. Equity Bank Ltd 20. Family Bank Ltd 21. Faulu Micro-Finance Bank 22. Guaranty Trust Bank 23. First Community Bank Ltd 24. Guardian Bank Ltd 25. Gulf African Bank Ltd 26. Habib Bank A.G. zurich 27. HFC Ltd 28. Imperial Bank Ltd (In Receivership) 29. I & M Bank Ltd 30. Jamii Bora Bank Ltd 31. KCB Ltd 32. Kenya Women Microfinance Bank 33. Mayfair Bank Ltd 34. Middle East Bank (K) Ltd 35. M Oriental Bank Ltd 36. National Bank of Kenya Ltd 37. NIC Bank Ltd 38. Paramount Universal Bank Ltd 39. Prime Bank Ltd 40. Postbank 41. Rafiki Microfinance Bank 42. Sidian Bank 43. Standard Chartered Bank (K) Ltd 44. SBM Bank (Kenya) Ltd 45. Transnational Bank Ltd 46. UBA Kenya Bank Ltd 47. Victoria Commercial bank Ltd  
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    Admin reacted to Admin in IntajMailer v1.0 | Automatic Delivery Of Intangible Goods Upon PayPal Payment Receipt   
    IntajMailer v1.0 automates the delivery of intangible/digital goods via email after the payment is made successfully. This is the only system that can be used by users with little or no technical skills. IntajMailer v1.0 is powerful yet simple to use. No coding, No IPN use, No database needed etc. You don’t even need to own a website. You can sell digital products and downloads directly on any platform. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, forums, blogs etc. You only need to post a link. When a client makes a purchase, you receive money in your PayPal account. The rest is taken care of by IntajMailer v1.0.
    But PayPal has an option to take customers to preferred URL when they finish checkout?

    Sure. You can add a URL to take users when creating a button but this is not recommended. Below are a few of the reasons why I do not recommend using this option.
     Users paying using credit cards will not be taken to that page. A receipt of that transaction will be displayed instead. This is in line with the new finance regulations.  When a user pays thru bank transfer/check they are taken to your URL to download your product yet the payment has not cleared. They can download and cancel the transaction.  If the customer claims to have not received the item and lounge a dispute you will lose the case as you don’t have a way to prove that they actually downloaded.  
    How Does IntajMailer v1.0 Work?
    1. You share a link generated by either IntajMailer v1.0 or created manually via PayPal account.
    2. Customers click and are redirected to PayPal to pay
    3. After they pay you receive a notification of payment received email.
    4. IntajMailer v1.0 automatically sends purchased products to the customer. The email is sent instantly.
    5. When a client downloads the files, all clicks are tracked, IP address and user-agent info are logged.(so they can't claim to not receive the product) You have the evidence.
    6. IntajMailer v1.0 limits the maximum number of times each file can be downloaded.
    IntajMailer v1.0 provides a service to automatically deliver purchased intangible products such as: Software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded.
     On which operating system does IntajMailer v1.0 run?
    It runs on different platforms. You get it as:
    Web application (Means you can access your dashboard from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.) Windows application (runs on windows operating system) Android application (Runs on Any device using Android OS)  
    How much does IntajMailer v1.0 cost and what are the setup fees?
    IntajMailer v1.0 is very cost effective. It costs a one of payment of $49, but we also offer great discounts.  All the features and system settings are done by us free of charge. For the first 30 days.
    Before I buy,  is there a demo trial?
    We know you are fully aware of what you are looking for. A simple and effective system to automatically deliver Digital Products to clients instantly after they checkout. We have created a PayPal link below to demonstrate how effective IntajMailer v1.0 is.
    Click the link below to make a payment of $1 only. This is the best way you will understand how this system works. After paying, check your email inbox immediately and you will find email delivered by the system with a sample download link. By doing this you will get to understand how your products will be delivered to your customers if you choose to use IntajMailer v1.0. Also, Included in that email is a button to purchase IntajMailer v1.0 for $39. This gives you a 20% discount. So your $1 will not be lost.
    Click here to try. Pay $1.  We have automated our PayPal sales, and we deliver products in seconds.

    If you do not wish to try it, Click the below button to buy it. It costs $49. No monthly charges. Buy once, Use forever.

    IntajMailer v1.0 is a powerful file delivery system. It is more about automation and simplicity. It helps you increase productivity. IntajMailer v1.0 will send your e-products as email attachments to customers after successful PayPal Buy Now Button transaction. It checks product information to reject e-thieves who try to get unauthorized items using bogus Buy Now buttons.
    You can use IntajMailer v1.0 to generate buttons/links without login in to PayPal. Create PayPal payment button
    shopping cart buttons
    Buy now button
    You include item name, item id, price, currency
    How Do I set up IntajMailer v1.0 ?
    All setup is automated. Yours is to just forward payment notification email(just once) and the rest is taken care of by our system. IntajMailer v1.0 processes digital goods orders automatically.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in IntajMailer v1.0 | Automatic Delivery Of Intangible Goods Upon PayPal Payment Receipt   
    Use IntajMailer v1.0  to do that. It is very effective. A system for automation. Instant delivery of digital goods sold via paypal buttons
    make the download automatic upon payment to PayPal. Tool for automatic shipping of files purchased via PayPal. handling of automation and delivery.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in redsail rs720c USB drivers windows 7 direct download   
    Detailed Description
    This software driver package will install redsail rs720c USB driver:
    These drivers will not function with any other product. View the README file for installation information and the RELEASE NOTES for driver version details. This driver package contains version for Windows xp/7/8/8.1 and 10.
    To download click below link.
    File Name: Redsail RS720C Cutter Plotter USB Drivers.zip
    This is a clean file, not password-protected and it installs without errors.

    This download is valid for the product(s) listed below.
    Cutting Plotter / Vinyl Cutter from Redsail (RS720C) Specifications:
    MODEL: RS720C
    Drive type: Stepper motor
    Media Size: 720MM
    Cutting Size: 630MM
    Cutting Speed: 10-600MM/S
    Cutting Force: 10-500g
    LCD display: English
    Mechanical Resolution: 0.0254MM/STEP
    Software Resolution: 0.0254MM/STEP
    Repeatability: 0.1MM
    Commands/Language: HPGL
    Control Panel: English
    Interfaces: RS232/USB
    Power: AC90V--220V
    Free Download
    If you do not want to donate you can still download it for free. But you must follow this. Make sure your browser does not block advertisement, view 1 ad on any page, add item to cart, use coupon code GETITFREE.  

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    Admin reacted to robby254 in Unscrambling Digital TV Channels To Access Pay Channels For Free   
    I need USB updates to unscramble channels on my Skylife decoder. Here are the details: Model(SL-500T2), SW versn(MSD_160111V2.0), HW versn(JN7T01.836.DC168.V1.3)
    I'll be grateful for your response
    kindly send it to me tituskiprop77@gmail.com
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Please Help me Bypass filerack.net Survey(SOLVED)   
    If you want to bypass http://filerack.net/file/059ho0 survey and download the file without doing any surveys you shold use a software called All-in-One-Survey Bypasser v3.exe. Currently its the only software that is able to bypass any filerack.net surveys.
    A working AIO survey bypasser v3 is available HERE. It Costs $8.
    other survey urls
    http://filerack.net/file/0YF983 password
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Help Bypass http://mediafire.g3t.org/iP686W (SOLVED)   
    In order to bypass http://mediafire.g3t.org/iP686W survey and download that Hack Tool Software V2.3.0.rar without doing surveys, you need to use a software called All-in-One-Survey Bypasser v3.exe. currently its the only software that is capable of bypassing mediafire.g3t.org surveys such as: http://mediafire.g3t.org/bMlfne Line lets get rich cheats android ios.rar
    http://mediafire.g3t.org/MlpvlH ToV-pass.txt
    http://mediafire.g3t.org/2WF73j/ ETC.
    Download All-in-One-Survey Bypasser v3 HERE ($8). You will automatically be taken to the download page immediately after checkout.
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Twitter Shared links   

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    Admin got a reaction from brian rodriguez okoth in bundle mwitu   
    Airtel Kenya on Twitter: "@lemanxq Bundle mwitu ni fraud
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    Admin reacted to Admin in "How To" tweaks, tips, tricks Page 3   
    These are shared links tagged "How To" tweaks, tips, tricks shared on various social media platforms. Click ctl+F in order to get the link you want fast.
    Social Swadhin @SocialSwadhin | 2015-10-27 00:29:43
    Twitter Branding Tips: How To Build A Personal Brand On Twitter https://t.co/6cS4qQhDR0 -My #SMM blog▶ https://t.co/HllKCVTY1p


    Claude Brooks @claudembrooks | 2015-10-27 00:29:41
    RT ManageReal Learn how to live in your home while you remodel it. These tricks simplify it for you. … https://t.co/QIg2svuBqF


    Payless Medical  @Paylessmedical | 2015-10-27 00:29:40
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    Compiled Packages
    To successfully tweak your  phone  download the package that matches your phone model. If the package for your phone model is not yet provided, feel free to request and we’ll upload it as soon as we receive your request.
    NB. We have password protected these packages and it will cost you $5 to get the password.
    Tecno Package
    If have a tecno device and want to tweak it, download the below package. NB. The package is complete no other app or software is required.
    mtk engineering: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themonsterit.EngineerStarter
    Aio imei Generator:Download
    Infinix Imei Tweak Package
    mtk engineering: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themonsterit.EngineerStarter
    Aio imei Generator:Download
    Gionee, Elephone  & Innjoo Imei Tweak Package
    mtk engineering: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themonsterit.EngineerStarter
    Aio imei Generator:Download
    China Phones with Spreadtrum Chipset package
    Also tweaks all Chinese Non-MTK Devices such as Jiayu, Oppson,  THL, Pipo, Oppo,  Chuwi, Yusun etc
    Mobile uncle: https://apkpure.com/mobileuncle-mtk-tools/com.mobileuncle.toolbox
    shortcut master: https://apkpure.com/shortcut-master-lite/org.vndnguyen.shortcutmaster.lite
    Aio imei Generator:Download
    HTC,SAMSUNG,SONY,LG Sony Xperia, Xiaomi Mi, ZTE Nubia Z9, Micromax package
    NB. You need to have a valid sample code to generate other codes with AIO imei generator
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    Admin reacted to Admin in Direct Download Links Requests   
    Through imei tweaks, people are getting free promotional data bundles ranging from 100mb to 4 GB depending on the devices on promotion. What they do is to:-
    1. Identify mobile devices with free promotional bundles
    2. Search for imei nos of the identified devices
    3. Download All-in-one (AIO) imei generator HERE. (This is the PC software people use to generate valid imei codes. You need to have a valid sample code to generate other codes with AIO imei generator)
    4. Tweak your phone with the generated imei
    5. Activate/Redeem free internet bundles offer.
    Different carriers have different ways of activating free offer.  Google how to activate free data for your service provider.
    You do not need to be an IT guru to tweak your phone and get the free bundles. All you need is an android phone and some applications and you are good to go. Since different phones  require different imei tweaking apps, some require rooting while others don't,  I'll be posting complete package of each phone model. The package consists of
    1. Imei Tweaking app
    2.Aio imei generator
    Here you will learn how to ..........Identify mobile devices with free promotional bundles 2. Search for imei nos of the identified devices 3. Tweak phones with similar imei (disguising your phone as the one with free offer)   Tweak imei for non mtk devices without rooting *06# 15 digit imei data cheat involves tweaking imei of your phone How to tweak Non-MTK Devices without PC MediaTek chip,Spreadtrum chip, qualcomm, Snapdragon 805, Exynos 5433 Samsung SoC's in the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 Motorola RAZR i, ASUS Fonepad ME371, Acer Liquid C1, Lenovo K900 IdeaPHone processor throttling Snapdragon by Qualcomm Tegra by nVidia, Intel Atom (SoC) octo-core mobile phone chipset ARM based chipset China Phone Chipset's MT657 and MT6577 Marshmallow IMEI.bak file Set imei jurassic mtk-droid-tools SU access Octupus box Invalid IMEI Terminal Emulator changing itel imei- couldn't find engineering mode MTK Engineering Mode apps changing gioniee p2 imei tweak Innjoo mobiles mobile uncle tool not showing option for mtk mode modifying How to Change Tecno S9 IMEI changing the IMEI is usually difficult Not Allowed Userbuild error message no engineer user 2 root receiver only emrecievermode2rootreceiver Data for Free Browsing through tweaking IMEI NB
    If you already know about the tweaking process and only need valid imei codes, just click HERE and download aio imei generator for pc. With it you can generate lots of valid imei codes from a single sample code. All for free.  NB. That file is password protected and it will cost you to get the password.
    NB. You need to have a valid sample code to generate other codes with AIO imei generator